What We Do

Custom handmade, painted signs (by Artist Karl Reeder)

Custom Handmade Signs: Business Signs, Bar Signs, Address Signs, Farm Signs, Shop Signs, Church Signs, School Signs, Park Signs, Stand alone displays, hanging signs, mounted signs, carved signs and more!

All signs are "made-to-order" from any material you request. We work with all types of material to make our signs.

Looking for a really unique sign? We've created signs for homes, garages and hobby shops. We've also created signs for all types of businesses. If you need a custom sign with your logo we have the capability to create it for you. We love hard work so if you have the need for a hand-engraved sign we'd love to take a look at the job and quote it for you. Carving brings depth to the sign and hand painted signs have a unique look that no computer can duplicate. We protect our signs so the beauty and functionality will last for a lifetime!

No request is ever the same. We can add just about any graphic you can think of for your sign. Want a 6 foot tall beer mug? How about a caveman holding a baseball bat for a sporting goods store? Any request, large or small, we can handle the job!

Artistic Services

Traditional and Contempory Signage and Art

Artist Karl Reeder is devoted to the traditional sign making process. Karl has been air brushing and painting for over 20 years and began making signs in 2000. Ten years ago, Karl opened his Art Gallery & Studio in Norfolk, Nebraska and has since come into his own style of art that is unlike any other. Reeder Airworks is a full-service, custom airbrush artwork sign shop and is known for top-quality Airbrush Art. Old Time Sign Painter Karl Reeder is a master of Airbrush Art, Signage, Motorcycle Custom Painting, Car & Truck Lettering and Murals. For more information in regard to hiring Karl for a traditional sign, please call (303) 903-7830 or email Karl@ReederAirworks.com.

  • Old World Style Signs and Painting
  • Airbrush Art
  • Custom Flame paint jobs
  • Nebraska sign painting
  • Motorcycle helmet painter
  • Traditional signage: gold leaf, carving, lettering, etc.
  • Letterheads
  • Experienced specialty sign painting
  • Contemporary Custom Graphics
  • Hand Painted Murals
  • Truck lettering and graphics
  • Car lettering and graphics
  • RV Murals, lettering and graphics
  • Motorcycle airbrushing
  • Custom hand painted business signs
  • Custom Designed poster signs
  • Custom Airbrush Artistry
  • Unique automotive painting
  • And, many more!

More About the Artist


Reeder Airworks (Artist Karl Reeder) has been a member of the Letterheads since November 5, 2000! Karl Reeder has been painting and airbrushing for more than 14 years. Karl's Sign Shop (Reeder Airworks) does a lot of work that is considered by many as a "dying art form" (i.e. murals, hand-lettered signs, gold leafing). Karl even finds time to paint fine art and has an Art Gallery (Reeder Originals) with his work and work from other area artists on display.

Karl began meeting in Omaha, Nebraska with other Letterheads to see how other artists work and to be a part of something greater. His meetings in Omaha would influce him in a positive way and would give him the experience needed in the craft of making signs. Karl believes as do all other Letterheads they meet and exchange ideas to be "Keepers of the Craft"!

Artist Profile

Artist Name: Karl Reeder
Sign Shop: Reeder Airworks
Art Gallery: Reeder Originals
Website(s): ReederAirworks(dot)com
Favorite Mediums: Airbrushing, gold leaf

Artist Mission: to create quality artwork that is able to beautify and stimulate any environment.